About Us

FINAFASA is a BPO and KPO services company which was established to focus on becoming an integral part of the business fabric in global markets.    Founded in 2008, FINAFASA is positioned as a leader in providing BPO and KPO services. In today’s economic environment, companies continue to face higher cost pressures and continue to consolidate their processes and vendor providers and look for opportunities to lower costs and better pricing in services. 

We provide services of high value and quality to a wide range of industries while becoming an extension to the company.  A company's critical processes are served through innovation, expertise, and knowledge, which it offers competitive pricing and operational efficiency to companies.  FINAFASA BPO and KPO Center was born so that businesses can survive and succeed in today's more complex and competitive business environments.

It serves various industries and critical processes and it specializes in the outsourcing of processes and offers a portfolio of valuable intelligent BPO and KPO solutions. Its main goal´s to become an extension of your company.  From its center in Medellin, Colombia, and the sales office in the United States, FINAFASA is positioned to serve our clients in any market.  Its high performance global management style, focused on the optimization of costs and operational excellence, has the capacity to use a model which is repeatable on all of the platforms; independent of place or time.